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GST is just starting off. There are a lot of grey areas in the law and procedures. The Law shall evolve years to come. In the process of evolution, there shall be a lot of issues wherein there will need to face the authorities, show cause notices, GST assessments, disputes, litigation matters, etc. There can be basic matters like application and followup for “letter of undertaking (LUT)” for exports without payment of tax. Even the matters like claims of refunds may call for advice and follow up with the department on the matter.

Safety net & build wealthHandling Issues with GST Department

While the in-house team takes care of the business requirements and maintenance of statutorily needed record, it is critical that there is a specialized team who can act on behalf of the company to represent with the connected government department. This can help minimize the impacts of the illegitimate tax burden, interests, penalties on the company.You can transform your business to a revenue-producing asset that lets you work as much or as little as you want.

Expert GST representation TeamOur Specialized Representation Team

The specialized representation team comes to rescue in important situation. APMH has a team that just works on the department facing matters of the clients. The members of this team are trained regularly with the changes in the GST law and possible answers to the litigations around the same. The team has a good amount of understanding on the way department pursues a tax situation and how shall that be best lawfully tackled. Team shall is also well equipped with the knowledge and infrastructure to work with technology-based representation which is going to be the prime way for dealing with GST litigations in the current era.

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