Duty Free Import Authorization

Extension in Import validity period & Export obligation period for existing
Advance Authorization / DFIA (Duty-Free Import Authorization)
[ Notification No. 57/2015-20 (dt. 31/03/2020), Public Notice 67/2015-20 (dt. 31/03/2020)]

export and import

Following procedural formalities may be followed by DGFT RAs and trade.

Q. Earlier facility of 1st & 2nd extension in import validity period or the export obligation period has been availed by the exporters [YES / NO]?

A. In both the situation, 6 months extended period is available but there are some procedural formalities to be followed


export and import-yes-no

Procedure for extension of validity by 6 months in case of authorization are physical (non-EDI) in nature:

The authorisations needs to be produced phsically at the concernd RAs (regional authorities) with the request of extention in Import validity / export obligationn validity. After that concerened RAs shall examine the request and endorse the extention.



Keeping in the mind of the recent outbreak, extension of 6 months period for import validity / export obligation validity by government of India to exporters who are having license under Advance authorization (AAs) or Duty-free import authorization (DFIA) and the expire date of this license is between February,2020 to July,2020.

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